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Things to Look for in Top Paper Bag Manufacturing Companies in India

India is among the fastest developing countries in the world. The Government of India is consistently rolling out policies that help fight climate change. For instance, banning plastics is one of them. Thus, encouraging paper bag manufacturers in India to step up their game and offer eco-friendly paper bags. However, did you know that you can choose paper bag manufacturers who are environmentally conscious in their production? Here are things you must look for while choosing top paper bag manufacturing companies in India.

  • Check for FSC Certification

Paper bags and other paper products are made of wood pulp. Wood sourced unethically actually counteracts any environmentally friendly initiatives. FSC certification, or Forest Stewardship Council, is an international certification body that ensures ethical forestry. Every company with an FSC certification is vetted to ensure that the paper products thus manufactured are responsibly sourced through forests that are responsibly managed. Companies such as Archies Print Pack and Max packaging are some companies that indulge in the ethical sourcing of wood.

  • Choose SA 8000 Certified Company

Every decision you take needs complete accountability for the people it impacts. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to indulge in unethical labour sourcing and management. Therefore, choose companies that have a SA 8000 certification. This certification is a testament to the organization’s dedication to ensuring socially responsible policies for workers and fair pay. A company complying with this certification has to maintain gold standards in developing, maintaining and practicing fair policies for workers.

  • Invest Only In High-Quality Products

Low-quality paper bags will end up causing more loss as they cannot withstand the weight. The market offers a range of high-quality products from leading paper bag manufacturers in India. These products come in different specifications based on your needs. These vary from 35 GSM to 150 GSM, based on your needs. Paper bags are reusable too, and therefore looking for a one-time buy of high-quality product is great.

  • Account for Bursting Factor

Ordering a paper bag isn’t as easy as it seems. A variety of factors go into consideration while choosing a good paper bag. First, if you want a top-quality paper bag, enquire about the bursting factor of the bag. This is a parameter used to measure the strength of the paper bag. It represents the pressure the bag can handle before it bursts open. Generally, bursting factors in paper bags range from around 14-40 BF. However, anything over 20BF is a good bargain in terms of paper bags.

  • Look up the COBB Value

Did you know that the COBB value is essential in picking paper bags? The lower the COBB value, the lesser the moisture the paper bag would absorb, and the longer it would remain intact. In general, it is recommended that a COBB value of 20 or lesser is a good value for products. This factor needs to be considered by companies looking to purchase paper bags for the sale of items that may condense or be moist. Such as milk, veggies, frozen items and more.

Now choose from leading paper bag manufacturers in India, such as Archies Print Pack, Canpac, and Shree Arun packaging, among others. So be a responsible citizen and choose a solid paper bag manufacturer in India.

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