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Paper Bags Vs Plastic Bags: Make the Right Choice

The conversations around climate change, eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable practices are now pressing. Global leaders across the world are urging countries to shift to a non-plastic lifestyle. To slowly eliminate it from our daily use. While shifting towards recycled plastic can be an option, opting for paper products is smarter.

If you want to make a difference as an individual or a business, know that it counts.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should use paper bags instead of plastic bags

1. Go Eco-friendly

This one is a no-brainer. With all the talk about climate change, every small decision also goes a long way in making an impact. Start opting for paper bags for your everyday needs. They now come in cool designs and sturdy structures. Join the bandwagon of environmentalists, government initiatives, and activists and pick paper bags over plastic.

2. Use Non-toxic Products

One of the big pros of using paper bags is that it isn’t toxic. Made of natural products, it doesn’t harm the environment when sourced ethically, unlike plastic, which contains chemicals such as ‘Bisphenol A (BPA), which is a carcinogen. Avoid the detrimental impact these carcinogens have on animals and humans alike, and switch to paper bags. Reduce your interaction with carcinogens by reducing the usage of plastic products in your daily life.

3. Detangle the Ocean

Did you know that microplastics have found their way into everyday products like salt? They have reached the remote corner of the earth, Antarctica too. Plastic pollution is a big threat to the oceans. They directly impact the ocean’s biodiversity and detrimentally impact life there. Microplastics have been marine organisms like whales, plankton and more.

4. Opt for Cool and Functional

While plastic bags may be functional, they have a tacky look and feel. Paper bags exude class and style while also offering comfort. Brands now get their logo and marketing collaterals printed on them owing to the benefits it offers. So, you can get your hands on premium paper products that leave a lasting impact on everyone around.

5. Pick Biodegradable & Reusable Solutions

In the end, the most hard-hitting fact about plastic decomposes in 20-500 years in landfill, depending on the type. In comparison, paper decomposes within 2-6 weeks. It’s, therefore, a simple choice to make that switch to more biodegradable products. After all, nobody wants a grocery bag they carried one time to last until their great-grandchildren come around.

Why Choose Environmentally Friendly Vendors Of Paper Bags

If you are looking for high-quality paper bags, there’s something you should know. While paper bags are biodegradable, they impact forests. Eco-friendly companies offer FSC certified which ensures that every paper product is sourced from sustainably handled forests. Small buying decisions have a big impact on the environment. Your buying decisions matter significantly if you are a small business, MNC or retailer. You can now get paper bags online.

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