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Paper Bags: A Powerful Tool in Steps Towards Creating a Sustainable Planet

When looking for future-ready business initiatives, sustainability ranks high. Sustainable products and practices will be the frontrunners in how countries and economies work. A pressing need for immediate action is necessary because of the blaring impact of climate change being observed across the world. The fight towards sustainable practices involves various factors; however, plastic pollution remains a blaring red flag. Here’s why paper bags are taking centre stage in the fight for sustainability

  • Naturally Sourced

Paper bags are at the forefront when looking for alternatives to plastic products. This is because they are sourced from naturally occurring raw materials. Generally, when sourced ethically, cellulose fibers from tree thinning or from timber waste are used to produce paper bags. Alternatively, companies are FSC certified, which ensures that the materials come from forests that practice sustainable farming practices.

  • Reduced Climate Impact

While driving conversations about climate change, it is important to consider the climate impact production of products has. For example, paper bags have a low climate impact as compared to LDPE bags. Additionally, even if it were to land up in nature, not disposed of properly, it would not harm and decompose naturally. It takes about 2-6 weeks for paper bags to decompose naturally.

  • Reusability

Reusability is a big factor when talking about initiatives that slow climate change. We need to have products that can be used multiple times in various ways. For example, paper carry bags can be made from recycled paper. And even when finally discarded, it just decomposes. It does not add to non-degradable waste. It is created from raw materials that are renewable in nature.

  • Traps CO2

One of the non-popular ways in which paper bags benefit in creating a sustainable world is storing CO2. It is a well-known fact that young trees absorb the atmosphere. Did you know that 1m3 traps 1 tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere and releases 0.7 tonnes of oxygen? Even when the tree is cut, it continues to store the CO2. One kg of paper stores 1.3kg of CO2 equivalents, and this continues to extend as we recycle and reuse

  • Paper Carry Bags as Compost

Inevitably, due to their very nature, paper bags end up in homes. However, individuals can use paper bags as compost. When they are made of 100 per cent recyclable material, they can be composted along with other compost products. This can have a positive impact for those looking to have sustainable practices beginning from the ground root level.

Choose Conscious Vendors in your Support towards Sustainability

Choose sustainable products that you know have been sourced from trusted vendors. Choose organizations is SA8000 certified, which means it follows socially responsible business practices. Secondly, it is also FSC certified, which is basically the gold standard for sourcing products from sustainably managed forests.

Be a responsible global citizen and business. Choose paper bags that promote sustainability

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